July - December 2007

Dec. 24--Just in time for Christmas my contributor's copy of GlassFire Anthology with my story "A Short Stretch of Road" arrived.  The book actually arrived on Saturday, Dec. 22, but I hadn't checked the mail until Monday morning.  What a great looking book.  Take a look, or, better yet, order a copy here:  .


Dec. 21--Though the year is coming to a close, the acceptances thankfully are not!  Trillium Literary Journal () has accepted my poem "Rest Stop Near Huntsville, Alabama: June 23, 1954."  It is scheduled to be included in the January issue.  This means my acceptance rate for this year has exceeded one per month!


Dec. 11, 2007--Three of my poems were accepted for reprint today by the editor of Cantaraville!  The poems--"Eulogy For a Backyard Landscape," "The Perception of Light" and "Circle"--will be included in the April issue of Cantaraville.


Nov. 30, 2007--The latest issue of The Sylvan Echo () went live today.  This issue contains my poem "Eulogy For a Backyard Landscape," as well as some very impressive artwork.


Nov. 28, 2007--Today I received notification from the print magazine The Binnacle that my short story "Act Like No One's Watching" was accepted for publication in their Spring 2008 issue.  It was a great boost for me, as I have been under the weather for the last two days.  


Oct. 9, 2007--I guess it's true what they say about things happening in threes, and this time it is a good thing.  Recently I had two short stories accepted for publication.  Today I got notification from the new e-zine Litany that my poem "Circle" was accepted for publication in their inaugural issue.  It is slated to be published Nov. 1. 


Sept. 27, 2007--This is an amazing week!  No sooner do I start to come down from the high of having "A Short Stretch of Road" accepted by GlassFire Anthology when I receive an acceptance for another short story by the new print magazine 1097!  The editor contacted me today with the news that they want to publish "A Dark and Fearsome Beast" in their inaugural print issue.  On top of that, I had just contacted the editor of 1097 by e-mail to let him know I had to withdraw my other submission to 1097, "A Short Stretch of Road," because of Glassfire Anthology's acceptance.  The editor of 1097 thanked me for notifying them and said it was lucky they were interested in "A Dark and Fearsome Beast."  On top of that, he said my story is one of only two full-length short stories to be featured in the inaugural issue and that they had to be very selective!  Wow!  I feel somewhat humbled!  I just got finished sending back a signed agreement, and I'm told I will get payment and that I should receive my first issue of my free 1-year subscription in October.  I also received the contract from GlassFire Anthology today.  I have to print out a copy and sign it, then scan it and return it, so I will have to do that tomorrow afternoon after work.  If it wasn't nearly midnight, I'd do it right now.  I can hardly contain myself!


Sept. 25, 2007--The editors of GlassFire Anthology contacted me to let me know my story "A Short Stretch of Road" was accepted for publication.  The anthology is expected to be in print by Christmas.  What a great Christmas gift!  


Aug. 24, 2007--I just accepted by e-mail an offer by the editors of The Sylvan Echo to have my poem "Eulogy For a Backyard Landscape" published in their second issue.  The editors received an overwhelming amount of submissions for the first issue (of which mine was one), so it filled up fast; they wrote to ask me if they could hold my poem for the next issue slated to be published online at the end of November.  Check out their website: 


Aug. 21, 2007--The free contributor's copy of The Cherry Blossom Review summer 2007 II arrived today.  It looks good!


August 12, 2007--I received an e-mail from the editor of The Cherry Blossom Review notifying me that the summer 2007 II issue of The Cherry Blossom Review is now published in print form.  I will receive a complimentary copy.  


July 27, 2007--The summer 2007 II issue of The Cherry Blossom Review has now been published online.  It contains my poems "Eulogy For a Backyard Landscape" and "The Perception of Light."


July 23, 2007--The editor of The Cherry Blossom Review e-mailed me to announce that due to a large number of submissions, my poems will be published in a second summer issue of their publication rather than being published in the fall.  She asked for a contributor's bio, which I promptly sent her.


July 14, 2007--Although according to the editor's note, the Summer 2007 issue of Contemporary Rhyme () with my poem "Synopsis" isn't supposed to be up until July 23, it was already up when I perused the website just now (it is going on 2 a.m.).  And, yes, it included a contributor's page with a photo of the least photogenic person I know (i.e. me).  I'm not sure if it is just a trial run or if the pages are still being worked on or what, but it was a nice surprise.


July 5, 2007--Two bits of good news were waiting in my e-mail inbox today.  Two of my poems were selected for future publication in the online e-zine The Cherry Blossom Review.  "Eulogy For a Backyard Landscape" and "The Perception of Light" most likely will be published in the fall 2007 issue.  Also, the editor of Contemporary Rhyme, which recently published my poem "Thirst" notified me that the summer issue with my other accepted poem, "Synopsis," will be released in a week or so and asked for a photo if I was so inclined.  Though I'm the least photogenic person I know, I'm going to submit one.