January-June 2007

 May 24, 2007--Issue 8 of the Flask Review which includes my short story "Act Like No One's Watching is now up.

May 10, 2007--The May issue of Contemporary Rhyme has been published with my poem "Thirst" in it. Editor Richard Geyer sent me an e-mail to let me know. I'm pretty psyched about it.

May 1, 2007--Yet more good news! Two of my poems--"Thirst" and "Synopsis"--have been accepted for publication in upcoming issues of Contemporary Rhyme, an online e-zine. "Thirst" is slated to appear in the May issue, while "Synopsis" will appear in the summer issue. All the good news of the past couple of weeks is welcome!

April 30, 2007--The editor of Flutter Poetry Journal notified me that the May issue with my poem in it is up. What an attractive publication, if I do say so myself.

April 30, 2007--Today I got my hands on a copy of the local newspaper that came out three days ago because that issue features a story about the writing group I facilitate, The Bard's Corner Writer's Group (http://thebardscorner.tripod.com). During the previous two weeks I had been interviewed for that group and another I attend, the Readers' Room. What a great bit of timing fthat the story appeared on the same day I received the e-mail of acceptance from The Flask Review for my short story "Act Like No One's Watching."

April 27, 2007--The news continues to be good! The editor of The Flask Review has accepted my short story "Act Like No One's Watching" and plans to publish it in issue 8 of The Flask Review.

April 15, 2007--I received good news today with the acceptance of a poem of mine for publication in Flutter Poetry Journal. My poem "The Perception of Light" is slated to appear in the May issue.

April 15, 2007--The Million Writers Award began accepting nominations for stories published online in 2006, and, as per the rules, I voted for my own story "A Scent Like Daphne," which was published online last year by The Summerset Review. I also did some shameless self-promotion and was privileged to be able to cultivate several more votes. Voting continues through tomorrow, April 15.

March 23, 2007--The complimentary copies of the first print edition of The Summerset Review arrived today. I ordered a couple of extra copies at a discount. It looks great, but--since one of my stories is in it--I might be accused of being biased.

March 18, 2007--I received word from the editor of The Summerset Review that the print "best of" edition--which contains my story "A Scent Like Daphne"--has been published and is now available. I'll be receiving two complimentary copies and a small stipend, and I can order more copies at a discount.

Feb. 2, 2007--Though me new job has kept me busy, I've managed to average one submission a week since the year started. I also posted my story "Skin" at Our Echo.com. You'll find another link to "Skin" on my Writing Samples page from when it was published by C/Oasis.

Jan. 3, 2007--With the New Year came a new part-time job, one I actually started on Dec. 18. I continue to write on a scaled down schedule, and I hope to stay productive in my fiction career.

Jan. 3, 2007--With the New Year came a new part-time job, one I actually started on Dec. 18.  I continue to write on a scaled down schedule, and I hope to stay productive in my fiction career.