Sept. 29, 2006--Today I e-mailed to the editor of The Summerset Review a brief bio and story supplement for the contributor's notes for the forthcoming print issue of The Summerset Review.  The editor had sent an e-mail to contributors a couple of weeks ago asking for this material by Oct. 15.


Aug. 24, 2006--The Summerset Review, the online e-zine that published my story "A Scent Like Daphne," announced earlier this year plans to publish a print edition featuring all new work, the best of its past issues or a combination of both.  Today the editor contacted me to ask permission to include "A Scent Like Daphne."  Of course, I accepted!  The issue, which will feature 15 pieces published between 2002 and 2006, is slated for release sometime this winter.

JULY 2006

July 4, 2006--The editor of Blue Ridge Country contacted me to tell me she enjoyed the poem I submitted for an upcoming photo essay they're planning on running in the magazine.  I take this as a good sign that my poem is a candidate for that issue.

JUNE 2006

June 15, 2006--More good news!  Just before midnight, I received an e-mail from Scott Lupo, creator of notifying me that my short story "A Stranger's Place" selected as the best fiction post.  I will receive $50 for this honor.  The website posts everything from poems and fiction to letters and photographs, and those who post are eligible for cash prizes in various contests.  Take a look, and you'll not only find my short story there but also my essay "Why I Write."

June 14, 2006--The new issue of The Square Table with my essay "Why I Write" is now published online.  It looks good; check it out if you get a chance!


MAY 2006


May 5, 2006--Dina Di Maio, the editor of The Square Table, sent me a permission agreement via e-mail to reprint my essay "Why I Write" in an upcoming issue of her literary e-zine.  She had accepted my essay back in January but had to finish her last semester of law school before she could work on her publication.  The issue with my essay in it is slated to be up on June 1.


MARCH 2006


March 15, 2006--The Spring 2006 issue of The Summerset Review with my story, A Scent Like Daphne, went "live" today.

March 1, 2006--The editor of The Summerset Review sent me a link to preview A Scent Like Daphne for approval before it goes "live" on March 15.  Everything looks great.  I was honored to find out I have been selected to be thelead story.  Also, I will appear on the Editors' Notes page and on the Contributors' Notes page.  After the publication goes live, I will receive a stipend.  The editors also announced plans to release a print version of The Summerset Review in 2007, which might be a "best of" issue or include both previously published and new works.



Jan. 23, 2006--Wow, it happened again!  I got another e-mail notification from yet another online literary magazine that wants to publish me.  This time it's The Summerset Review, and they want to publish my short story A Scent Like Daphne!  The magazine is one of those that submits stories for consideration for prizes, such a the Pushcart Prize.  And they are actually a paying market!


Jan. 20, 2006--I got an e-mail reply today from the online publication The Square Table informing me my essay "Why I Write" has been accepted for reprent in that publication. What great news! I was told I would be getting permission forms by e-mail soon.




Nov. 10, 2005--To top off a pretty cool day, I got the two copies of Stories of Strength Iordered only eight days agoWhat a great-looking book!

Nov. 10, 2005--I just finished the KCLU interview about an hour ago, about 1:50 p.m.  Other than a few lapses into stunned silence, I think I did okay.  I also heard from someone at the Louisville NPR affiliate, WFPL, who plans on contacting "Beyond Words" host Fran Halpern to try to get the interview to run locally.  "Beyond Words" will air on KCLU on Saturday, and anyone interested can streaming audio of the program. There's a three hour time difference, so it looks like the program will run 5 p.m. E.T.

Nov. 9, 2005--In an effort to promote Stories of Strength, I contacted two Kentucky NPR affiliates asking if they could pick up the KCLU interview.  WFPL in Louisville is interested in airing the program, and I'm in the process of trying to help arrange to get the interview to run locally.

Nov. 6, 2005--Jenna Glatzer, editor of AbsoluteWrite.com and Stories of Strength, contacted me to let me know that a radio host from an NPR affiliate in California read the anthology and wants to interview three of the writers. I'm one of them. I am scheduled to be called Thursday, Nov. 10 for a taped interview for the show "Beyond Words," hosted by FRan Halpern on KCLU.

Nov. 1, 2005--The anthology created to provide funds for disaster relief charities, Stories of Strength, has been released.  I was honored to have an essay selected to be included in it.