Jan. - Dec. 2009

Dec. 25, 2009--The publisher of Return of the Raven, the anthology that includes my short story "Feathered Friend," sent contributors an e-mail yesterday. She let us know that Ellen Datlow contacted her to request a copy of the anthology for possible inclusion in her year's best anthology for 2009. What a great Christmas gift.


Dec. 11, 2009--Got an e-mail notifying me that "Florilegium" is now available in Kindle edition at Amazon.com. Check it out at this address: www.amazon.com/Florilegium-ebook/dp/B0030BF164/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1260579629&sr=8-5


Nov. 22, 2009--Just got word that the e-book anthology "Florilegium" in which my story "A Dark and Fearsome Beast" appears is complete. I got a pdf copy, and it should be available on Amazon.com around the first of December. Sweet!


Nov. 3, 2009--I'm currently updating my Web pages. There's still a lot of work to be done, so please be patient. You might notice a lot of the links are missing or things have been changed around a bit. This is a work in progress.


Oct. 13, 2009--The check for my e-anthology arrived today.


Oct. 1, 2009--I received the contract from PegLeg Publishing for my story "A Dark and Fearsome Beast," which will be published in their e-anthology.


May 3, 2009--Today I got word that three of my poems were accepted and published by Joyful! () and are archived in the poetry section.


April 7, 2009--I received a copy of the front cover of the forthcoming anthology "Return of the Raven," the Edgar Allan Poe publication which will include my story "Feathered Friend." It looks great, and I'm looking forward to the release of the anthology this summer!


March 5, 2009--The contract for the Poe Anthology arrived today. I hope to send it off in the next day or so!


March 4, 2009--More good news! Horror Bound Online Magazine publications accepted my short story "Feathered Friend" for publication in their upcoming anthology tentatively titled "Return of the Raven." It will feature works inspired or influenced by Edgar Allan Poe. My story was specifically written as an homage to the Poe short story, "The Tell-Tale Heart."


Feb. 6, 2009--Good news! PegLeg Publishing, which published one of my stories for their GlassFire Anthology a little over a year ago, invited me to be a paid contributor in their upcoming e-book project slated to be published this summer. Of course, I accepted!


Jan. 1, 2009--Long time, huh? Sorry for the absence, but things have been slow with my fiction writing since I began working as a features writer at the local newspaper in April 2008. In one sense, I am still doing a lot of writing; it's just of the non-fiction variety. I'm still submitting fiction, but my fiction writing had slowed to pretty much nothing. I plan to change that. With the new year comes new determination. Here's to more fiction writing in 2009!